Liverpool Squash Academy

What is it?

The Liverpool Squash Academy (LSA) is a Centre of Excellence for individual, elite, Junior Squash Players chosen from their respective age groups. It is fitting that the Academy is commencing in the year that the City has been chosen as the ‘European Capital of Culture’, and, following on from the success of the British Squash Open on Merseyside. The Liverpool Academy aims to develop each selected girl or boy’s squash playing abilities to the standards required of the Regional Academy. Ultimately, a key objective is for LSA to act as a conduit to assist individuals to acquire the skills to play for the North West of England and beyond.
Why is it being done? Despite the tremendous amount of potential and enthusiasm that abounds in our Sport, there is a shortage of talented Juniors from Merseyside attending sanctioned squash events and a lack of our local players gaining National rankings. Also, for both Players and Parents, guidance to aid and facilitate a Junior Player’s development beyond a competent standard has not been clear, making the pathway to the higher levels difficult or unobtainable.

Who is running it?

A Group of Level 3 (Advanced) and Level 4 (Elite) Class Coaches who possess extensive experience and knowledge in the Sport of Squash. Their respective abilities are complementary and displayed in the attached portfolios (see Annex). All are licensed by the National Governing Body.

How will it be run?

The focus will be to bring together the most talented Junior Players, develop their technique, on-court movement, fitness and tactics through a structured programme that enhances performance, competitive ability and match skills. Sessions will be divided into small ability groups with targeted areas of improvement, themed practices on court and presentations to support the long- term athletic development of players.

When will it take place?

The Academy will be run throughout the year on alternate Wednesday evenings 6.30pm to 9pm [one week Girls – next week Boys]. There will be additional Workshops and Squash Camps held at convenient times during the Year. Registration fee £25; Training Sessions £5 each.

Where will it take place?

The Academy will be held at Liverpool Cricket Club – on the site of the newly refurbished courts used in the British Squash Open 2008.
This Academy is for those Junior Players up to 17 years old who have demonstrated through their ability and enthusiasm to posses a particular talent for the sport.

The coaches are Keith Roberts and John Newton Level 4 - Andy Breen Jim Foggitt and Tina Burrows Level 3. If any information regarding the LSA please call Jim Foggitt 07977455571 or email Or John Newton on 0795966611 or email